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Cutting-edge data collection for dynamic shallow water environments

What is the Harbor AUV?

Duro’s Harbor AUV is an easy-to-use, modular system featuring select open source technology for painless customization and integration. Designed to be highly maneuverable in complex shallow water environments, the Harbor AUV allows for accurate data collection from urban harbors and waterways to the open waters. The Harbor AUV also utilizes advanced machine learning technology, making it unique in its price range.

Harbor AUV specs

Weight: 100 lbs.
Length: 7.5’
Hull: Carbon Fiber / Fiberglass
Endurance: 12 hours
Communication: High speed Ethernet, LORA, and Wi-Fi
Navigation: GPS, INS, DVL, and Sonar
Propulsion System: Five thrusters with ratings of 10-25 lbs. of thrust each
Machine Learning Features:
• Path Planning
• Obstacle Avoidance
• Object Detection and Investigation
• Surface Vessel Following

What applications can the Harbor AUV be used for?

Maritime Inspection
Homeland Security
Disaster Mitigation and Response
Offshore Farming
Environmental Research