Who We Are

Duro UAS is an eco-drone manufacturer with the mission to create sustainable cities through better data collection

Why we do what we do

Achieving safer, “smarter” cities requires a deeper understanding of the trends that are shaping our planet and preparing for the future. Duro makes a positive impact by developing the systems to affordably and effectively accomplish these goals.

Why we focus on civilian applications

There are many companies that serve the market for defense and weaponized drones. However, by focusing solely on environmental and urban development applications, Duro can build products better suited for their customers’ specific needs and budgets.

Progress through collaboration 

Duro works with teachers, scientists, policymakers and regular citizens to increase the amount of actionable data available and utilize it to better understand and manage our urban environments.

Issues Duro Cares About

Smart Cities

Water Stewardship

Climate Change

Environmental Policy

Citizen Science

President Brian Wilson discussing urban applications for drones on Good Day New York

Duro President Brian Wilson on Good Day New York
discussing drones

Bringing robotics manufacturing to the heart of NYC

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