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Duro was created to improve the quality and quantity of data collected in our waters,
from urban harbors and waterways to the deep sea

Why we do what we do

Today maritime data is collected using relatively traditional methods such as human divers, boats, buoys, satellites, and tethered ROVs. However, for many customers’ needs, unmanned autonomous systems are superior in speed, safety, affordability and quality. Duro’s mission is to bring these tools to governments, academia and private companies in the ocean economy.

Why choose Duro

When speaking with AUV operators, a major complaint about products on the market is the difficulty and expense in customizing and integrating into their individual systems. Duro listened, and is developing products that are uniquely modular and open source in aspects that will make data collection easier and more affordable than ever. Our products are also Made in New York City, supporting national efforts to reshore American jobs, while ensuring the highest quality standards and fastest customer service response available.

Progress through collaboration 

Duro works with teachers, scientists, policymakers and regular citizens to increase the amount of actionable data available and utilize it to better understand and manage our marine environments.