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What We Believe

A fundamental challenge facing this generation is the sustainable management of our environment and infrastructure. If our global community fails to address environmental and urban challenges it will be difficult to achieve a livable future. These are eminently solvable challenges, but they require innovative thinking and new technologies.

How We Behave

We foster an internal environment of diversity, innovation and collaboration.

We conduct ourselves as a leader and a doer, bringing together likeminded organizations and individuals while never shying away from the work that lasting change requires.

We are committed to diversity in our hiring, on-the-job training for our team and sustainability in our business processes.

Our Values

We are guided by the following Values. They describe our company as we want it to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these values. We believe that putting our values into practice creates long-term benefits for shareholders, customers, employees and the communities we serve.

We admire people who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.
We admire those who don’t accept the dominant paradigm. At the same time we admire people who know what they don’t know and can ask for help. When combined these qualities can make for a powerfully effective individual, and a group of such individuals can change the world.

We provide leadership as a company and as individuals.
Duro’s leadership is founded on talented employees effectively applying advanced technology, innovative manufacturing and sound business management. We aim to add more value at lower cost with faster response. We each lead through our competence, creativity and teamwork.

We act with integrity in all we do.
We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We fulfill our commitments as responsible citizens and employees. We consistently treat customers, partners and vendors with the respect they deserve.

The environment and the economy are really two sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves. — Wangari Maathai

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