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Smart cities rely on data to manage extreme weather events, develop
resilient infrastructure and keep residents safe


Autonomous Technology

Cost-effective systems and sensors for marine surveying, inspection, research and more


Billion Oyster Project

Duro and the New York Harbor School are teaming up to restore the New York Harbor


Duro was created to improve the quality & quantity of data collected in our waters

Why we do what we do

Today maritime data is collected using relatively traditional methods such as human divers, boats, buoys, satellites and tethered ROVs. However, for many customers’ needs, unmanned autonomous systems are superior in speed, safety, affordability and quality. Duro’s mission is to bring these tools to governments, academia and private companies in the ocean economy.

Why choose Duro

When speaking with AUV operators, a major complaint about products on the market is the cost and difficulty in customizing and integrating into their processes. Duro listened, and is developing systems that make data collection easier and more affordable than ever. Our products are also Made in New York City, supporting national efforts to reshore American jobs while ensuring the highest quality standards and fastest customer service response available.

Duro Apprenticeship Program

Duro UAS products are developed in partnership with Duro Workforce, an affiliate training provider that prepares students, displaced workers and others for the tech workforce. Over 75% of Duro apprentices go on to jobs and internships at companies that include Boeing, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX and Tesla.

The Harbor AUV

What We Do

Making autonomous maritime data collection easier and more affordable than ever before

What is the Harbor AUV?

Duro’s Harbor AUV is a unique autonomous underwater vehicle armed with cutting-edge technology to maneuver and collect accurate data in dynamic shallow-water environments.

Harbor AUV features

Affordable: Among the most affordable options on the market with advanced features. Comparable systems from competitors cost 2X to 10X as much.

Intelligent: Machine learning features include swarm technology, obstacle avoidance, object detection and surface vessel following. Most competitor vehicles are not intelligent.

Modular: Saves customization cost and time with highly modular assembly and hot-swappable payload capability. Competitor vehicles can cost $100,000 to customize.

Open Source: Easily integrates into user operations and processes with open source functionalities. Competitor vehicles are often closed source, making integration difficult and limited.

Harbor AUV applications

Disaster Mitigation and Response
Environmental Research

Homeland Security
Maritime Inspection

The Duro Sonde

What We Do

The autonomous water quality monitoring system for everyone

What is the Duro Sonde?

Duro’s Sonde allows professionals, academics, students and citizen scientists to collect up to 5 parameters of data, including pH, ORP, DO, conductivity and temperature. Operates as an AUV payload or independently.

Duro Sonde features

Versatile: Configure with any brand BNC water probe. Competitor sondes are often only compatible with specific branded probes, limiting options and increasing cost.

User-Friendly: Set parameters and retrieve data with mobile app. Competitor sondes often must be programmed on a computer and data must be retrieved manually via SD card.

Convenient: Communicate remotely with RF and Bluetooth. Competitor sondes often have no communication, and must be operated manually.

Share Online: Learn from and inform others by sharing your results with the Duro community at durodata.com.

Duro Sonde applications

Drinking Water
Environmental & Climate Research
Surface Water & Groundwater

Billion Oyster Project

What We Do

BOP is an ecosystem restoration & education project aimed at restoring one billion live oysters to New York Harbor & engaging students through STEM education programs

Why oysters?

Oysters are native to New York City and offer numerous benefits to the ecosystem such as providing food and shelter to other native species, reducing wave energy during extreme weather events, and serving as a natural water filtration system — amazingly, a single adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day.

How Duro is making a difference

Duro is working with BOP in two ways, using its Harbor AUV to collect bathymetric and water quality data to support its restoration efforts and introducing Harbor School students to the exciting world of underwater drone technology.

Through this collaboration, students will get to see a real autonomous underwater vehicle in action, follow the process of collecting, managing and analyzing data, and reporting on its findings. Through this process students learn by doing, touching on topics as diverse as engineering, urban sustainability, science journalism and career readiness.

Where is Duro working with BOP?

The Billion Oyster Project has multiple nursery sites around the City of New York which the Harbor AUV will service. Sites include Governors Island in the New York Harbor, the Bronx River in the South Bronx and the Army Terminal in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

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